Delighting Mom with a Long Lasting Gift

Have you already thought about what gifts to give to the special Moms in your life this Mother’s Day, Sunday May 14th?

According to the Society of American Florists, a quarter of all yearly holiday flower and plant purchases occur at Mother’s Day, the second biggest floral holiday after Christmas/Chanukah. The vast majority of those purchases are of fresh cut flowers.

We’ve all (most likely) purchased fresh cut flower bouquets for a loved one. The unfortunate thing about a flower is that as soon as it’s cut it begins to die, giving a cut flower bouquet a very limited lifespan. And while Mom would surely appreciate even the most common supermarket bouquet, you know she deserves something more thoughtful. Why not give her a truly unique twist on the traditional gift of Mother’s Day flowers this year?

A bulb garden from Living Gardens will arrive to Mom at the very start of its life cycle, just beginning its weeks-long show of growth, blooms, and foliage.

When a garden leaves our facility, it will just be coming out of dormancy, and will only be showing the early stages of growth (1-2″ grow tips). From there, it will wake up and begin growing and blooming the same way a springtime garden bed would, over the course of days or weeks depending on the bulb type.

Our gardens not only have the advantage of lasting longer than cut flower bouquets while being enjoyed indoors, but after the blooms have faded, the bulbs may be planted in an outdoor garden to be enjoyed for years to come! Imagine Mom’s delight at seeing her Mother’s Day gift rebloom year after year in her garden, reminding her of you.

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