Celebrating Easter With Flowers

Will you be included in the estimated 80% of Americans who will be celebrating Easter this Sunday April 16th? Chances are good you will be gathering with family and friends for a day filled with spiritual reflection, egg hunting, good food, and hopefully, flowers!

Easter and Passover rank as the fourth largest floral purchasing holiday in the US. We’re all familiar with the popular Easter lily, with its white trumpet shaped blooms. The lily is thought to be a symbol of life, purity, hope, and the spiritual meaning of Easter. Lilies aren’t the only flowers that embody the spirit of the season though.

The colorful springtime blooms of daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths are a perfect symbol of winter’s end and the ushering in of spring and new beginnings.

Daffodils are a traditional part of Easter celebrations worldwide. In Germany they are called Osterglocken, which translates to “Easter Bells”, and in England they’re referred to as Lent Lilies. Their cheerful yellow blooms represent friendship and rebirth. Graceful tulips, in all their rich velvety colors, symbolize perfect enduring love. Hyacinths represent peace of mind, and will lend a beautifully fragrant touch to your Easter celebrations.

If you’ll be choosing flowers to enjoy this Easter or Passover, for your own table or to share as a gift to a loved one, don’t limit yourself to lilies! Celebrate with a cheery arrangement of colorful blooms that represent the joy of springtime and the essence of Easter.